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Every Place You Want To Be

April 6, 2009: If you've been to the Super Bowl, seen a New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium, attended a Stanley Cup game, smelled the rubber at the Daytona 500 and experienced a college football game at the Rose Bowl, that's still only 5% of the 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live as presented by Robert Tuchman in his new book (Benbella Books, Dallas), which hits stores this week. Tuchman, the founder and president of TSE Sports & Entertainment, New York (now a division of Premiere Corporate Events), takes an insiders point of view in listing the 100 events, giving each personal details such as why you should attend and what you need to do to best enjoy each experience, including hot restaurants, convenient hotels, easiest transportation and who you should expect to meet. The book also comes with a nice addendum: The top ten cities for hosting a major sporting event (Miami is No. 1). Tuchman said he personally has been to 37 of the 100 but is searching for a marketing executive who has been to all - or as many - of the events on his list. Back to Home Page

For more information, go to www.100sportingevents.com.