Piano Player (!) Aaron Rodgers Meets Izod’s AI Moody Sweater Of The Future
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 06:36PM
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By Barry Janoff

November 13, 2018: In September, to coincide with the start of the NFL campaign, Izod unveiled a campaign in which Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoofed quarterbacks who appear in ad campaigns.

Rodgers and comedian Colin Jost are back, this time spoofing the rise of artificial intelligence — here featuring an Izod sweater with AI that laughs at Jost’s jokes and advises him on such topics as weather and music, but also gets jealous when Jost wears a different outfit.

In the anchor spot, “Sweater of the Future,” Jost is in his hotel room on vacation when he receives a fair-isle patterned Izod sweater, which features not just the brand’s True Comfort technology, but a whole lot more.

A tag on the garment reads, “Voice-activated,” so Jost puts on the sweater and asks, “Izod sweater, what is the temperature outside?”

“It is 28 degrees,” the sweater replies in a Siri-type voice.

“It’s like sweater-weather,” jokes Jost, to which the sweater replies, “You’re so funny.”

Jost heads down to a bar in his hotel, where Rodgers is the piano player. “Nice sweater,” observes Rodgers, to which Jost replies, “Nice try, but she’s taken.”

The casual banter between Jost his Izod sweater soon turns nasty.

“What time does the gift shop close?” Jost asks. “What am I, your #5*@$*& concierge? Sorry, I’m cranky. I don’t want vacation to end.”

The next day, Jost wears a different sweater, which causes him to get inquisitive text messages from his Izod sweater, which forces Jost to put the sweater in a drawer, which in turn forces the sweater to shut off the heat in Jost’s room.

Ultimately they reunite, much to the joy of Jost and the sweater, as well as viewers, who hear the disclaimer: "Izod sweaters do not talk — yet."

Several shorter versions of the spot will also air, including “Nice Try, She’s Taken” and “Earn It,” in which Jost and his sweater encounter Rodgers at the piano and ask, “Has anyone ever told you you look like Aaron Rodgers?”

Creative was handled by Izod parent company PVH’s in-house marketing group. Izod said Jost partnered on script development.

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