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Aflac Duck Scores, Saves In New TV Spot

Aflac duck protects soccer mom's in new TV spot.August 24, 2009: Aflac's iconic duck, which has starred with Yogi Berra and ridden roller coasters, tries his skills at soccer in a new spot from the insurance company. The commercial, "Soccer," from Kaplan Thaler, New York, breaks Aug. 24 on CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, CNN, CNBC, Discover Channel, USA, Headline News and the History Channel.

In the spot, two soccer moms, one on crutches after an accident, are talking about insurance coverage as they watch their kids play a game. As they discuss such issues as medical bills and how "Aflac protects families during uncertain times," the duck must act like a goalkeeper to keep the two women from getting hit by flying soccer balls. Ultimately, the duck scores a goal and goes into a victory dance while quacking his usual "Aflac, Aflac, Aflaaaac."

Aflac said this is its eighth spot of 2009, the most for one calendar year, and the 46th for the duck, which started to appear in company spots in 1999 voiced by comedian/actor Gilbert Gottfried.

"We combined the classic family activity — the Saturday morning soccer game — with the Aflac Duck's unmatched brand of humor, to effectively remind people that Aflac has you under our wing," Jeff Charney, Aflac svp and CMO, said in a statement.

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