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Mannings, Drew Brees Quarterback All-Star Gulf Relief Campaign Team

Drew Brees does his part for Gulf relief funds in 'Be the One' campaign video.July 21, 2010: NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Drew Brees and Florida Marlins pitcher Clay Hensley are among a bevy of sports, Hollywood, music and political stars with ties to the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida who appear in a new campaign urging funding for and support to restore the area. The region has suffered or been cost in related expenses $4 billion in commercial, environmental and personal losses due to the BP oil leak that has been ongoing since April.

The PSA campaign, "Be the One," is under the auspices of Women of the Storm, a grassroots, nonpartisan group that worked to get attention for Louisiana needs following Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. In addition to the athletes, the roster includes Sandra Bullock, Dave Matthews, Harry Shearer, Blake Lively, Lenny Kravitz, John Goodman, Dr. John, Emeril Lagasse and political strategists James Carville and Mary Matalin. Tag: "Sign it. Share it. Restore it."

The campaign is anchored by a spot that runs more than two minutes in its entirety but will also air as 15- and 30-second spots. Initial airplay includes YouTube and a dedicated Web site,  www.Restorethegulf.com, with support on such social media sites as Twitter and Facebook, where the effort includes a petition seeking one million signatures. The organizers also are seeking air time donated by network and cable companies.

“The Gulf Coast is an American treasure and its deterioration affects us all,” Sandra Bullock, who resides in New Orleans, said during a press conference on July 20 to unveil the effort.  “The solution begins with each American demanding the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico, its coastlines and its wetlands for ourselves and for future generations.”

Peyton Manning urges people to "be the one" to help raise funds to restore the Gulf.According to Anne Milling, the founder of  Women of the Storm, the BP spill has at least drawn attention to the Gulf Coast and the danger it faces from the spill and other sources. "At last America has recognized the fragility of our wetlands and marshes," said Milling. "Women of the Storm is not advocating particular legislation. We simply seek to demonstrate to national leaders the strong support in every corner of America for the essential funding of the Gulf Coast restoration."

On the video, Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning encourages people to be the one "for this generation, the next generation . . . and national security" while Brees, standing in front of the Louisiana Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints, stresses support "for all the people whose livelihoods depend on the Gulf."

Women of the Storm said they were getting 25 signatures a minute on the first day of the release of the campaign.

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