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The 2009 World Series Is On Track - Especially For Amtrak

October 28, 2009: It may not officially go down in history as the Amtrak World Series, but the rail carrier is certainly doing its part to make that happen. The 2009 Fall Classic features the New York Yankees versus the Philadelphia Phillies, and Amtrak not only is providing the charter train transportation for the teams for the duration of the event, but also is marketing the World Series to its advantage.

Amtrak said it offers three services between New York and Philadelphia: 15 Acela Express frequencies in each direction, 21 Northeast Regional frequencies in each direction and 10 Keystone frequencies in each direction every weekday. To commemorate the 2009 Series, Amtrak polled riders aboard Amtrak Acela Express trains No. 2165 and No. 2170 to see which of the participating teams was favored. The result: The Yankees received 334 votes, the Phillies 197 votes. Participating passengers were given their team's official Major League Baseball championship series T-shirt for voicing their preference.

During fiscal year 2009 Amtrak said it operated 32 sports charters including six for MLB teams. Amtrak is using the Fall Classic to remind people that when the Phillies and Yankees last met in the World Series, back in 1950, the teams traveled by train. Appropriately, the 2009 Series features hometown teams from two of Amtrak's busiest stops. During fiscal year 2009, New York was Amtrak's busiest train station with more than 7.8 million passengers boarding or alighting at Penn Station. Philadelphia's 30th Street Station ranked third, with 3.7 million Amtrak passengers using the station to board or detrain (Washington, DC was second), according to Amtrak.

Full disclosure: The 2009 Fall Classic also has been dubbed the I-95 Series, the Jersey Turnpike Series and the Liberty Series (for Philadelphia's Liberty Bell and New York/New Jersey's Statue of Liberty).

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