Be Brave: Audi Let Viewers Pick, Now Talking Super Bowl Back To Prom Night

By Barry Janoff

January 27, 2013: Audi of America has a 60-second commercial airing during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday, and although the slot cost in excess of $7 million, the car company left the outcome of its spot in the hands of John Q. Public.

Was Audi being brave?

Apparently, because "Bravery" is the theme of this year.s Audi Super Bowl marketing campaign. But only to a degree.

Last week, Audi, which has been part of the Super Bowl since 2008, posted three variations to its spot, "Prom Night," each with a different ending. It opened up a 24-hour voting period to YouTube visitors.

However, the three endings were filmed to enable Audi to use the alternatives at a later date. Lead agency is San Francisco-based Venables Bell and Partners, San Francisco.

"For the past six years, Audi has delivered memorable and engaging Super Bowl campaigns," Loren Angelo, GM-brand marketing for Audi of America, said in a statement. "This year, we wanted to put our fans in the driver's seat by allowing them to help define our Super Bowl history,"

 Audi plans to extend the "bravery" theme beyond the commercial's Super Bowl shelf life.

Among other activations, Audi has created a Twitter hashtag, #BraveryWins, encouraging people to share their own brave moments. Audi also released three videos on YouTube that commemorate defining moments in the brand's history

The winning spot that will air just after kickoff of Super Bowl XLVII, "Prom (Worth It)," begins with a teenage boy getting ready to go to the prom. He has no date, but his Mom tries to be encouraging. "Look at you. So dashing," she says, eying his tuxedo. Then, sensing his fear, she adds, "These days, lots of people go by themselves."

Dad, however, knows his son needs something more in the way of mental and physical support. "Hey son," he says, tossing over the keys to his brand new Audi S6."Have fun tonight."

Once in the car, the young boy gains confidence with every mile. At a red light, the window of a limousine rolls down and girls also going to the date jealously call out his name. "Todd!!!" At the school, he parks in a spot that reads, "Principal Only."

Inside, he looks at the crowd of kids and immediately spies the target of his affection: the Prom Queen. He bravely walks toward her, looks her in the eyes and gives her a big kiss. She doesn't resist and the entire crowd stops to watch them, letting out a collective, "Ooohhh!"

But someone is very unhappy: Her date, the Prom King, who approaches the kid with clenched fists.

The scene after that sees the kid sporting a black eye, driving home in his Audi. But he is not distraught. On the contrary: He has a big smile on his face, and he lets out a loud, "Woooooo!"

Why? Because in this ending, we see a reaction shot of the Prom Queen, who  has a starry-eyed look on her face, the result of being kissed by the prince, Audi boy. Is there a romance brewing?!

Text explains, "Bravery. It's what defines us." (See the full spot here.)

In the other two versions, we don''t get to see how the Prom Queen reacts. One option, "Buddies," ends with his friends in the car with him as he drives away. "I can't believe that just happened!" one of them exclaims. "So cool!!"

The third option, "Tradition" ends with the kid back home, looking a a photo of his parents at their prom. They are standing next to an Audi, and his dad is sporting a black eye.

The spot features the song, "Can't Win Em All" by Hanni El Khatib (whose "You Rascal You," the cover version of Sam Theard's classic, is being used in Captain Morgan commercials), from his soon-to-be released second CD, Head in the Dirt.

"At Audi, bravery is in our DNA," said Angelo. "Audi has always done things differently, taken risks and defied the status quo. Audi is defined by our willingness to be bold."

Last year's Audi Super Bowl commercial, "Vampire Party," showed why the living dead fear the brand's signature LED headlight technology. In 2011, Audi's "Release the Hounds," featured Kenny G and a perilous prison break. The year before, Audi transformed Cheap Trick's "Dream Police" into "Green Police" to support the A3 TDI "Green Car of the Year."

Jason Statham starred in the Super Bowl XLIII takeoff of The Transformer. In 2008, the brand's first Super Bowl spot was a parody of The Godfather.

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