Brett Favre Back At Sears Selling TVs, Hinting At Trip To Super Bowl

"See you in Miami . . . Maybe not."January 21, 2010: Brett Favre has made good thus far on his decision to play for the Minnesota Vikings this season, leading them to the NFC championship game on Jan. 24 against the New Orleans Saints. His success also has been good news for Sears, which this week unveils an ad with supporting marketing that hints at the possibility of Favre and the Vikings going to Miami, the site of Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7.

The spot follows the same humorous vein, and was shot at the same time, as the Sears ad at the beginning of the season in which Favre waffles over purchasing a widescreen TV, much in the same way he waffled over the past two seasons about his decisions to retire and then unretire.

In the new spot, the same employee, a member of the Sears Blue Electronics Crew, from the first spot is showing Favre a widescreen Samsung. "Winning. Touchdowns. Pretty impressive," he says to Favre. Favre shrugs his shoulders. "Yeah, it's Ok."  The salesman then says, "I'm actually going to get going. I'm heading down to Miami. Maybe we'll see you down there." Then, pausing, the Sears guy says, "Eh, maybe we won't." Favre looks at him and asks, somewhat irritated, "What are you trying to say?!" Lead agency is Young & Rubicam, Chicago.

The spot then directs views to to vote for their favorite Brett Favre Sears commercial and to enter to win a gift card as part of the TV MatchMaker sweepstakes, running now through Feb. 7. As part of a push to match consumers with their favorite electronics, Sears is asking consumers to fill out online questionnaires to become eligible to win gift cards valued at $1,500 and $500 toward the purchase of electronics at Sears.

Sears also said it would give "a free seven-inch tailgate TV to the first 444 people who purchase any TV on Sunday, Jan. 24 after 6 a.m. EST at"

Among the Favre Sears commercials that are up for voting are one in which the Sears salesman says, "You look like Brett Favre," and Favre replies, "I get that a lot."; another in which he asks Favre, "Are you a football guy?" To which Favre replies, "Not really. Cooking. Ballet. The arts." And another in which he says to Favre, "Those are some man-hands. You're a sportsman, aren't you?" "Sort of," Favre replies. "You like jai alai?" he asks Favre. "I like the way it's spelled," smiles Favre. "How'd that 'j' get in there?"

Support also includes dedicated pages on YouTube, Facebook Twitter.

"We are spreading 'Favre Fever' to fans everywhere by extending great savings to our customers so they can enjoy watching the playoffs on a new TV and feel confident with their purchasing decision," Karen Austin, svp and president, Home Electronics, Sears Holdings, said in a statement. "With the combination of our affordable prices, quality products and real-time price checks, we know our customers will not waffle on their decision to buy a new TV so they can enjoy every play of the game to the fullest."

Brett Favre Decides On A Team — Sears

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