Chicago The Scene For Budweiser European Campaign

July 6, 2009: Chicago and the Chicago Transit Authority are key participants in a new spot for Budweiser that also features a cover version of The Beatles' "All Together Now." Ironically, the spot, "Lyrics," via DDB London, will not run in the U.S. (except online) but will air in the U.K., Ireland  and other European venues on TV channels and in-cinema beginning this week. While the song, recorded by indie group The Hours, plays, Chicago is seen from the window of a moving train as people bring the song's words to life. "One, two three, four, can I have a little more/Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, I love you," for example, includes cheerleaders, football players and a giant panda on rooftops, bridges and other landmarks along the train's route. People are then seen holding letters and signs that spell out "All together now" as the train reaches its final destination, stopping alongside a building that features a giant Budweiser ad. Back to Home Page