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Burger King Ready To Launch 'The Biggest Tour In The History Of The Brand'

January 27, 2010: Even as Burger King looks for the next best move within its fast-feeder chain - adding gluten-free items to the menu, opening a second Whopper Bar with beer in Miami to join the year-old location in Orlando, launching its first restaurant in Russia - BK is also seeking the "next best move" on the basketball court.

In a strategy reminiscent of And 1's "Mixtape Tour," which has traveled the world seeking the best street-ballers, Burger King said it launching "the biggest tour in the history of the brand. " Beginning on Feb. 5 the "Next Best Move" tour will hit 41 cities in four months seeking basketball players 18 and older who want to "show off their best moves on the court." Burger King is adding an altruistic element to the tour as it also is seeking people who are "game-changers" in their community.

En route, the tour will be touting Burger King's $1 Quarter-Pound Double Cheesburger.

The tour will be headed by Syrus Yarbrough, who came into the public eye as a member of MTV's The Real World: Boston in 1997 and has since appeared in several other reality TV shows. As Yarbrough and a film crew hit such cities as Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Cleveland, Baltimore and New York, clips will be posted to a supporting Web site, www.Thenextbestmove.com. There, visitors can vote on their favorite video or submit their own as part of a competition that ultimately will be narrowed down to one semi-finalist in each market. In turn, they will go on to compete against "top-ranked players across the U.S. for $10,000 and to be featured in a basketball lifestyle magazine or Web site," according to Burger King.

The crew will also visit lifestyle destinations, such as local attractions, clothing stores and community centers to identify local trends and discover what’s “hot” in each of the 41 markets. Results will be featured on a special culture section on the Web site. Other features on the Web site are blogs from Yarbrough and the crew, behind-the-scenes video highlights and links to dedicated sites on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Previous road trip events included the Burger King "Futbol Kingdom" eight-city tour in 2008 and 2009 that featured soccer activations and a Burger King FamFest six-city tour last year that brought families together at local parks for music and entertainment.

“The 'Next Best Move' is the biggest tour in the history of the Burger King brand,” Alexandra Galindez, director, cultural marketing for BK, said in a statement. “With this tour, we’re providing consumers with broad-based access to what’s happening not just on the court, but also in urban communities across the U.S. . . . Visitors to the site will have the chance to get a new, fresh perspective on a variety of charitable community efforts that they can adapt and implement in their home towns.”

The tour begins Feb. 5 in Los Angeles and runs through May 29 in Kansas City, MO. Full tour schedule, location stops and contest rules and details are at www.Thenextbestmove.com.

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