Don't Call C-Paul A Hot Dog (Or You'll Have To Answer To His Mom)

Chris Paul's Mom, Robin, talks about her NBA all-star son and hot dogs in new campaign.June 13, 2010: Just in time for Father's Day (June 20), hot dog maven Ball Park is launching a campaign that features star athletes and — you guessed it — their Moms!

The premise, according to the division of Sara Lee Corp.: "We all know that mom is the glue that holds a family together, but all too often, we forget to show our appreciation for this superwoman in our lives. To celebrate the crucial role that mom plays in guiding her kids to achievement, Ball Park has assembled a roster of “all star moms” who will share the secrets of their success."

First up is NBA all-star Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets and his Mom, Robin, who will share the golden rules she followed while raising Chris and brother CJ. Along the way, Robin Paul will also share her secrets for cooking and grilling hot dogs, in this case the Ball Park variety. The campaign will run on YourUpdate.TV and print with various athletes and their Moms throughout the summer, which is the height of hot dog eating not only at home but in ball parks nationwide.

According to Robin Paul, “A lot of the things we instilled in Chris and CJ at a young age was, we stressed morals, we stressed faith and family. We tried to eat together as a family and we really pushed education,” she said in a statement.

Robin Paul added that she also made sure her sons did homework before they could play. “A lot of people don’t know that CJ and Chris could not play during the week. They had to do homework and study during the week. On Friday evening’s they could come in and play the videogames and videogames had to be put back up on Sunday nights," she said.

As for hot dogs: “My son CJ likes his hotdog with ketchup and mustard. Chris likes his hotdogs with ketchup, mustard and a little bit of slaw. My husband likes his with ketchup, mustard a little bit of slaw and chili, and I throw a little bit of onions on my hot dog. I call mine all the way,“ said Robin Paul.

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