D-Wade Channels J-Bond, T-Cruise In New 'Mission' For Jordan Brand

"The name is Wade . . . D-Wade."October 27, 2010: LeBron James had his turn, unleashing a 90-second Nike commercial, "Rise," that relives, revises and perhaps offers some regrets for the events leading up to, and the events since, "The Decision" in which he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat.

Now, established Heat star Dwyane Wade has unveiled a spot for Nike division Jordan Brand, "Dominate Another Day." Where LeBron James included in his ad a segment featuring Don Johnson from the TV detective show, Miami Vice, D-Wade goes to extremes by channeling  elements of James Bond (in particular Die Another Day) and Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible). Which one will have more impact? Let the debate begin. Lead agency for both isi Wieden + Kennedy, Portland and New York, respectively.

In James' commercial (which had more than 1.3 million hits on YouTube in the first two days), he takes on various guises, from misunderstood star to forlorn retired veteran (no one shows up at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony) to wild West outlaw to poet. He manages to take swipes at some of those people he felt disrespected him (including Charles Barkley), and even seems to offer a mea culpa to Cleveland, the town he left, and to the fans their who believe that James done them wrong. ('Should I tell you how much fun we had?" he asks followed by a voiceover referring to him as the NBA's No. 1 draft pick in by the Cavaliers.)

Wade uses special effects, high-tech gadgets and a tuxedo to get the message out that the Miami Heat are on a mission — some might call it impossible — to win the NBA championship. Of note is that Wade's new Jordan Brand shoes are never shown and the Jordan Brand logo is barely seen in quick shots,

Agent D3 makes a spectacular entrance into American Airlines Arena."His majesty is in good hands," Wade says regarding LeBron "King" James as he starts his journey to American Airlines Arena by diving out of a plane and commandeering a high-powered motorcycle. "Time to bring the rings back to Miami," states Wade as Agent D3, referring to Miami's championship season of 2005-06.

Among the foes he knows he must defeat (and to which he refers to in spy-like codes) are: Snake Charmer (Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, whose nickname is Black Mamba, a reference to a deadly snake), Illusionist (Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic) and Green Gang (the Boston Celtics). "Old friends," he calls them, somewhat sarcastically.

En route to the arena the friends show their true colors by unleashing traps and treacherous obstacles that Wade must elude, including an oil tanker with a snake emblem on it and a van with the Celtics clover leaf logo. "That's not good," says his partner, played by comedian Kevin Hart, as he awaits the arrival of Agent D3.

Suddenly, Wade crashes though a glass window on the side of the arena. "You do know we have a door," Hart says as he hands Wade a locked box that holds his No. 3 Heat jersey. "Now this, my friend," says Wade, "is going to be fun." With the closing words, "To be continued," more missions with Agent D3 will follow during the season.

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