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Fathead Goes To High School

November 18, 2009: Fathead, the company that offers life-size wall graphics of players and logos from the pro and collegiate ranks, has signed a deal with Home Team Marketing to help expand its product line into high schools nationwide.

The company said it would work with Home Team Marketing to create the first authentic Fatheads of high school helmets and logos. The deal opens the potential for fans to get Fathead products not only of their favorite high schools but also those from the high schools of their favorite players. LeBron James (St, Vincent-St, Mary High School), Kobe Bryant (Lower Merion High School) and Kevin Garnett (Farragut Academy), for example, never attended college and are closely associated with their prep schools.

Although financial terms were not disclosed, Fathead said that participating schools would receive a percentage of sales on all products bearing their school’s marks. Schools can earn additional profits by selling the Fatheads through their own book and spirit stores.

Home Team Marketing said it would work with Fathead to "deliver fully integrated marketing campaigns directly into high schools through high school athletic events." Home Team Marketing said it also plans to expand the high school Fathead's line to include basketballs adorned with the high school team’s logo.

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