Brett Favre Decides On A Team - Sears

July 27, 2009: While the sports world awaits Brett Favre's decision whether or not to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, the quarterback is keeping his name and face front and center on Madison Avenue. The latest example: Favre will appear in a campaign for Sears that supports the Sears Blue Electronics Crew, which appears to be a cross between the Geek Squad and Kmart's 'Blue Light' Specials. The campaign is anchored by a TV spot with Favre and will also include print, Internet and experiential marketing. Lead agency is Young & Rubicam.

Favre's deals also include Wrangler Jeans and Snapper.

Sears seems to be awaiting Favre's decision regarding his NFL career. According to the company, the commercial "was taped with several potential punch lines and endings with the final punch line to be revealed when the spot airs in early September." In the segments revealed by Sears, Favre agonizes over selecting a new LED TV via a discussion between Favre and a member of the Sears Blue Electronics Crew (played by actor Brad Morris). "The two banter as Favre is undecided on his decision about a Samsung LED TV. In one scene, Morris describes Sears 'real time price checks - no regrets' - as a way to help guys who have a tough time making decisions. 'You know the type, right?' Morris says. "Yeah, I hate those guys,' Favre quips.

"This commercial uses humor to communicate messages about what differentiates Sears and the Sears Blue Electronics Crew from the competition," Karen Austin, president of home electronics for Sears, said in a statement. "Brett is a terrific sport in having fun with the topic of choosing a TV. Brett embodies the excitement and passion that our customers feel as they anticipate the start of football season and that comes through in the commercial." Back to Home Page