IMG-GMCR Brew Pact Giving College Students/Athletes An Official Coffee System
Monday, September 23, 2013 at 12:15PM in College, IMG College, college, sports marketing

By Barry Janoff

September 23, 2013: Lots of college students taking lots of tests equals, in an ideal world where the dreams of parents come true, lots of long hours in the library and lots of late nights with no sleep.

Collegiate sports marketing and media company IMG College might have a proactive study aid.

A new deal with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters makes GMCR's Keurig brewing product the “official coffee/tea System” at 25 of the more than 200 schools represented by IMG College, including UCLA, Arizona, Florida, Nebraska, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Texas and Washington State.

Green Mountain said this would be its first major push into sports marketing. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Through the alliance, GMCR said it would each its target audience through on-campus sampling, in-stadium signage and branded videos on IMG College and Silver Chalice’s joint venture, Campus Insiders, an online digital network for college sports.

In addition, Keurig’s digital efforts will include advertising across the full IMG College portfolio on the official athletics Web sites of 75 universities. A social media campaign with sponsored Facebook posts and tweets will appear on the official social media sites at each of the 25 schools in the sponsorship.

Students can also expect to see school-branded brewers for 11 of the participating schools, according to IMG College.

There are 11.2 million undergraduate students ages 18-24 in the U.S., IMG Colleges said, citing statistics from U.S. Census.

“Through research and objective analysis we know reaching college students is a great way to build the brand with the next generation of Keurig users,” Dwight Brown, svp-Marketing Center of Excellence for Waterbury, VT-based GMCR, said in a statement.

"Through research and objective analysis we know reaching college students is a great way to build the brand with the next generation of Keurig users."

According to Andrew Judelson, svp-U.S. business development for IMG, “This partnership is a powerful way to influence young adults on campus and in their collegiate communities as well as to reach displaced fans around the country. GMCR will be introducing its Keurig products to a very large, engaged and impressionable audience at a time when these new consumers are starting a new life and developing brand affinities to last a lifetime.”

IMG College said that there are 27 million college sports fans 18-24 years old and that "college students have $117 billion in annual discretionary spending."

“There are 27 million college sports fans in this age group, more than any other sports platform,” echoed Brown. "Many of the students have grown up with a Keurig in their home and only know how to brew coffee through single-cup technology. By reaching students in the dorm, Keurig is able to help shape and build the next generation of our customer base by establishing the Keurig system as an essential part of the college experience.”

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