Police Officer, Bus Driver, Band Leader, Quarterback: RG III Multiplies For Adidas

By Barry Janoff

July 18, 2012: Now that Robert Griffin III has agreed to terms on a contract with the Washington Redskins that will guarantee him more than $21.1 over the next four years, it's time for the NFL rookie quarterback to display his talent.

RG III stars in a new adidas commercial for the adizero 5-Star Mid, which breaks this week on national TV.

In the 60-second spot, which was shot in Washington, he takes on multiple roles, including a police officer, bus driver, security guard, trainer, color guard and professional quarterback.

The spot, which also will run online, follows players as they prepare for a game and, in this case, become more proficient thanks to the featured product, the 7.9 oz. adizero 5-Star Mid

As Griffin goes through his many versions, a voiceover explains, "What light does gets in your head. You can't avoid it. You can't escape it. Because what light does . . .  weighs on you. Do what light does." Lead agency is 180LA. (See the full spot here.)

Adidas said it would support with Internet and social media, including Facebook, YouTube and and Twitter.

Also has deals with Subway, Castrol, Panini and Evoshield.

RG III Sweats For Adidas

Panini Trading Cards Inks RG III

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