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Go Daddy Will 'Reposition Sexy' For Super Bowl XLVII, But Is Danica Still Hot?

By Barry Janoff

October 18, 2012: Go Daddy will return to the airwaves with two Super Bowl commercials this February, but this time with two twists: It is bringing along for the first time an advertising agency and it plans to "reposition sexy."

How this strategy will affect long-time Go Daddy spokeswoman Danica Patrick, however, remains to be seen.

Deutsch, NY, has been signed to replace Go Daddy's in-house marketing, which has created numerous Super Bowl TV spots every year since 2005. Ten of those commercials have featured race car driver Danica Patrick, often in sexy and compromising situations.

Most of Go Daddy's Super Bowl spots have ended with a tease of “see what happens next” more explicit scenes to be found at the company's Web site.

Go Daddy said that Deutsch is working on two 30-second spots that would air during Super Bowl XLVII this February during the broadcast on CBS. Thirty-second spots are going for upward of $3.8 million, though companies with multiple buys generally pay less, according to industry analysts.

As for the content?

“We are doing something we’ve never done in a Super Bowl — we are repositioning sexy,” Barb Rechterman, CMO for Go Daddy, said in a statement. “The new sexy means success, ambition and drive and it can be achieved by using Go Daddy to grow your business. We think it’s sexy to grow a business, to be your own boss and to make dreams come true online.”

The domain name provider and Web tech support company said that its Super Bowl buys have translated into significant business and awareness, including having "helped drive market share over the last eight years from 16% to more than 50%."

“We have had measurable success with Danica, no doubt about it. When you think about our new definition of  sexy . . . Danica certainly fits that bill.”

Go Daddy said that is has 10.6 million customers worldwide, "mostly small-to-midsize businesses who need simple solutions to grow their businesses and want technical help to build and manage their Web sites."

Danica Patrick has played a big role in that strategy, according to Go Daddy executive chairman and founder Bob Parsons. “We have had measurable success with Danica, no doubt about it. When you think about our new definition of ‘sexy’ as: success, ambition and a drive to succeed with an online presence . . . Danica certainly fits that bill.”

However, Patrick teased that she did not know as yet what role, if any, she would play in the upcoming Super Bowl spots. “Do I hope I’ll be in the new Go Daddy Super Bowl commercials? Absolutely,” Patrick said in a statement. “I don’t think it would feel quite like a Super Bowl if we don’t do the commercials again this year."

Val DiFebo, CEO for Deutsch, NY, did not offer any addition insight regarding Patrick's role in the Super Bowl tactics. "Go Daddy is an iconic Super Bowl advertiser, with tremendous name recognition. Our mission is to go deeper into what Go Daddy does."

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