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How Jimmy Johnson Is Going Back To Dallas To 'Coach' At Super Bowl XLV

Jimmy Johnson is back on the road to the Super Bowl, this time in a campaign for Crown Royal.August 20, 2010: Jimmy Johnson is returning to the scene of his greatest pro football accomplishments, this time as a spokesman for Diageo's Crown Royal in a humorous campaign that is offering two all-expense paid trips for five to Dallas for Super Bowl XLV.

Being billed as the "Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl," the campaign is encouraging "die-hard football fans [of legal drinking age] to show their true skills." Motivation to succeed will come from Johnson, whose coaching career includes a national championship with the University of Miami (1987) and two Super Bowl wins (XXVII, XXVIII) in five seasons as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Johnson is currently a football analyst on Fox and has been a member of Survivor: Nicaragua this season on CBS.

Crown Royal said that from Aug. 20 through Nov. 30, 2010 it would be on a search for "fans with a sheer determination and passion for winning and celebrating responsibly." Consumers of legal drinking age are being directed to a dedicated Web site to show their football passion either via video or essay. Johnson has been enlisted to provide training tips "for football and life" via a series of ten vignettes that will launch at a dedicated Web site now through November. The campaign is also being promoted on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Diageo is not an official marketing partner of the NFL, so in the campaign the company must skirt around such terms as Super Bowl, Cowboys Stadium and even National Football League.

In Dallas, the winners will receive a VIP tour of Cowboys Stadium, meet the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, enjoy a celebratory meal and watch footage of their game on the Jumbotron. They also will play a game of five-on-five under the watchful eye of Johnson. Other prizes include football items autographed by the coach.

"Football is hard on your body, so you have to take care of yourself. My advice: Moisturize. I like mine with a little bit of mint in it."

Among the tongue-in-cheek videos running on the Web site are such titles as "Positive Thinking," "Jimmy Johnson's Hair," "End Zone Dances" and "Longevity," with Johnson showing off his improvisation skills in a locker-room setting. Several videos are now up and running. "Game Face" is coming Sept. 15, "Cramps" on Sept. 29, "Staying Young" on Oct. 13 and the last, "Motivation," on Nov. 13.

According to Crown Royal, Johnson is being utilized as part of an "overarching effort to develop and implement programs designed to create awareness of responsible drinking among adult football fans and tailgaters."

"It is a great feeling to know we are going to provide two Crown Royal enthusiasts and their four friends an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take their backyard game of flag football to the first ever Jimmy Bowl," Yvonne Briese, Crown Royal marketing director. said in a statement. "A coach of two world championship teams, Jimmy has his fair share of victory celebrations under his belt, and we are proud to have him show participants of the Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl, and all football fans, how to celebrate responsibly."

Even if they don't participate, visitors to the Web site might be amused by the humorous vignettes with Johnson. In "Longevity," he explains, "Football is hard on your body, so you have to take care of yourself. My advice: Moisturize. I like mine with a little bit of mint in it. It feels all tingly on your face." At this point he applies numerous gobs of moisturizer to his face until it is literally covered with white cream. "Oooh, that feels good. Just rub it in like this." Then, after a moment of contemplation, he wonders aloud, "How in the hell am I going to get this off?"

In "End Zone Dances," Johnson busts some questionable moves. "I call this the Jimmy Shimmy (as he shuffles from side to side and begins to sing). You want it? You can't have it! You want it? You can't have it!  Next one: Touchdown Year 2185 (as he starts doing a bad version of the Robot and speaking in a robot voice): Welcome to the future. Do you want to meet me? (Then he breaks into a song takeoff of "Single Girls"): All the unwed women. All the unwed women. Ooo-ooo-ooo. Welcome to the future."

"I've been fortunate enough in my career to coach some of the biggest names at the most legendary fields, but nothing will top having my own bowl game," Johnson said in a statement.  "I'm looking forward to yelling plays from the sidelines and hope every football fan 21 and older visits CrownRoyal.com/Football to enter the most exciting bowl game around – the Jimmy Bowl."

The campaign also comes with a "drink responsibly"  statement from Royal Crown and Johnson: "Since not everyone will have the skill it takes to make it to Dallas, it's important that all adult fans remember that whether cheering for their team from home or tailgating, please drink responsibly and assign a designated driver."

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