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If The Shoe Fits: Michael Jordan's Son Relives Nike Controversy

The Jordan Brand logo made famous by Michael Jordan.November 4, 2009: In 1984, then NBA rookie Michael Jordan created a controversy when he wore on-court with the Chicago Bulls a pair of red and black Nike Air Jordans that had not been approved by the league. Jordan refused to change his shoes, the NBA fined him $5,000 a game and Nike paid the fine and reaped the rewards of basketball shoe history.

Twenty-five years later, Jordan' son, Marcus Jordan, has created another controversy by refusing to take off his Air Jordans while on-court with the University of Central Florida. UCF had a contract with Nike rival adidas that was scheduled to run through 2010, but the contract has now been canceled.

Jordan, a freshman guard, wore his Air Jordans during a team scrimmage on Nov. 1, then again during an exhibition game on Nov. 4, although he wore an approved adidas uniform. Adidas notified UCF that it would end its contract with the university, according to a statement released by the university.

"We are disappointed to learn that adidas has chosen to discontinue its relationship with UCF Athletics," the university said in a statement Nov. 4 from spokesman Joe Hornstein. "Once we receive official notice we will be able to further respond."

Adidas also confirmed the situation in an e-mail to the Associated Press.

Jordan, a 6' 3" guard out of Chicago's Whitney Young High School, said he wore the Air Jordan's "because they hold special meaning to his family."

Neither Michael Jordan or Nike had yet to respond to the situation. But analysts said they would not be surprised if the company now becomes UCF's endorser unless any lawsuit or other judgement prevents them from doing so.

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