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LaDainian Tomlinson Rushing To Super Bowl (Party) Glory With Kellogg's Campaign

By Barry Janoff

January 22, 2013: LaDainian Tomlinson won't rest until he gets into the big game . . . the "Big Game Snacking Hall of Fame," that is, according to a new marketing campaign from Kellogg's.

The former all-pro running back (San Diego Chargers, New York Jets) stars with his wife, Torsha, in a multi-media push that shows how Tomlinson is as intense in retirement as he was on the playing field. Except now he has turned his passion from scoring touchdowns to making sure that dips, chips and other goodies — from sponsor Kelllogg's line of products, of course — score on Super Bowl Sunday.

The campaign is anchored by a spot that shows LaDanian and Torsha at home, preparing for a super party.

"Anyone who knows anything about Ladanian Tomlinson knows the man is all about relentless preparation," explains a voiceover. "But now that he is retired from football . . .  he's learning to relax."

"I'm learning to relax," Tomlinson echoes. "I'm just a spectator, like everybody else. I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the game."

We see him sitting in his living room sipping tea, reading, fixing flowers and building a ship in a bottle. "I have no pressure on me at all. I'm totally laid back."

That's when Torsha interrupts. "Laid back!?" she exclaims. "He's obsessed! He a perfectionist."

Not about preparing for a big game, but for the Big Game party! We see an intense Tomlinson timing his wife as she prepares with a variety of Kellogg's snacks (Cheez-it, Town & Country, Pringles), using the refrigerator to draw a shopping strategy and doing a celebration dance.

"If you fumble a snack," he tells his wife, "you dive on it right away. There is no three-second rule!"

"It appears you can take LaDainian out of the game," observes the voiceover, "but you can't take the game out of LaDainian." (See the spot here.)

"It appears that you can take LaDainian out of the game, but you can't take the game out of LaDainian."

The spot directs people to a microsite that offers recipes, a snacking playbook and other Super Bowl tidbits (35 million people will host Super Bowl parties, 177 million lbs. of snacks are sold for Super Bowl events).

Kellogg is supporting with a plethora of social media destinations, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit.

Tomllinson rushed for 145 touchdowns and for almost 13,700 yards — leading the league twice — during a career that lasted from 2001-11. In 2006, his 31 touchdowns (28 rushing, three receiving) set an NFL record that still stands.

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