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Social Media, Brand Destination LockerDome Fast-Tracks To Success

Special to NYSportsJournalism.com

December 8, 2012: LockerDome, the Facebook- and Linkedin-style destination for sports brands and athletes, said that is has topped the three million monthly unique visitors plateau, continuing a rise that started from the time it launched in January.

LockerDome, based in St. Louis, describes itself as a destination for more than 1,300 personalities, parody sites and other sports properties that use LockerDome as part of their overall social media strategy.

Among the current or former athletes who have a presence on LockerDome are Larry Fitzgerald, Troy Polamalu, LaMarr Woodley, James Harrison, Wade Boggs and Pete Rose; Octagon and Rawlings are among the sports-related brands that use the site.

Athletes and brands have been using the site to drive awareness for promotions and contests and then "easily cross-promote one another, as well as run their contests seamlessly across Facebook and Twitter, maximizing the audience that each property reaches," according to LockerDome.

Polamalu, for example, currently is running a promotion in which he is offering two tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers-San Diego Chargers game in Pittsburgh on Dec. 9. (Details here.)
LockerDome recently partnered with Dime Magazine for a match-game contest on the site offering footwear from Foot Locker.

“The overwhelming demand by athletes, media partners, brands and the audiences [they] reach is a clear indication that the platform will continue to strengthen."

The main thrust of LockerDome, however, is as a social media platform where people can "consume content and interact with like-minded people around their favorite sports interests." Visitors who register with the site can post photos and videos and generate conversations with other registered visitors.

LockerDome said it has been growing at an average rate of 14% per week since its launch 11 months back, surpassing one million uniques in June, two million in October and now three million. The company said that "at its current growth rate, LockerDome is on pace to be a Top Ten most-visited sports site in the next 12 – 18 months."

“The overwhelming demand for LockerDome by professional athletes, media partners, brands and the targeted audiences these publishers reach, and the subsequent meteoric growth from that demand, is a clear indication that the LockerDome platform will only continue to strengthen," Gabe Lozano, co-founder and CEO for LockerDome, said in a statement. “This is just the tip of the iceberg for LockerDome. As explosive as LockerDome’s growth has been in 2012, we will undoubtedly be even more dominant in 2013.”

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