London Marathon To Give Sneak Peek Of 2012 Olympics

April 23, 2009: The 2012 Olympic Games in London are still 1,190 days away, but the Flora London Marathon is less than three days away (April 26) and the event will give fans a sneak peek at what to expect in three years. Marathon participants will run past some of the venues - and many of the landmarks - that are now being built and/or refurbished for the Summer Games, including Olympic Stadium. The London marathon also will mirror the route that marathon runners in 2012 will take. The Flora London Marathon has lined up an array of top level sponsors whose presence will be seen by the thousands of people expected to line the marathon route, BBC viewers in the U.K. and a global audience that can watch the event via Among them, Flora (a division of Unilever that produces "heart-healthy" spreads, yogurts, drinks and other items), adidas, Nestle Waters, Holiday Inn, Timex, Renault, BBC, Lucozade Sport (energy bars, drinks gels), TNT Shipping and Fuller's Beer are activating with signage, local print and giveaways to participants and volunteers. The London 2012 organizing committee, which has been working with Flora London Marathon (part of the five World Marathon Majors), received a good report from the International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission, which spent April 21-23 reviewing progress in the city. "We have been greatly impressed by the good progress that London 2012 has made since our visit last year, particularly in moving from planning to operational delivery," IOCCC chairman Denis Oswald said in a statement. "When I visited the Olympic Stadium last year, the foundations were just being laid. [Now] the main structure has risen from the ground and the roof is already going on. Other venues, such as the Aquatics Centre, Olympic Village and Velodrome, are also rapidly growing from the ground, and this fast pace of development is no doubt down to the great spirit of cooperation that exists between the different partners involved in the 2012 project. Their ability to work as a team, plan ahead and solve issues together is ensuring that the Games and legacy planning remain on track as we head towards 2012." Back to Home Page