Seattle Mariners Batty Over New Ad Campaign

March 20, 2009: Ken Griffey Jr., who is returning to the Seattle Mariners this season for the first time since 1999, is a key part of the team's history, but he will not be a featured player in the team's 2009 TV spots, which includes an historic 100th commercial in 15 years. Five humorous ads, from Copacino + Fujikado, Seattle, do include all-star Ichiro Suzuki and former Mariners stars Jay Buhner and Edgar Martinez and a new tag, "Mariners baseball. A new day. A new way." In his spot, "Midnight Line Drives," Ichiro is taking late-night batting practice against a pitching machine, which ultimately gets sent to the showers after Ichiro continues to pound out hits. In "24/7," manager Don Wakamatsu explains that he has a life outside of baseball, which turns out to be reading Baseball Atlas and traveling to the Hall of Fame. In their spot, "The Secret," Buhner and Martinez "discover" the source of the team's commercials, a copy writing chimp named Sprinkles. A DVD of all 100 spots is being released by the team this season. Back to Home Page