Mark Sanchez Ready To Quarterback Extreme Challenges For Unilever's Degree

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March 27, 2012: On the same day that Tim Tebow officially was introduced at a press conference as quarterback for the New York Jets, the team's starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, was unveiled as the centerpiece of a marketing campaign from Unilever's Degree Men.

The activation puts Sanchez into a serious of high-energy situations such as flying with the Blue Angels and getting behind the wheel of a race car.

The effort is part of a larger umbrella campaign for the new Degree Men Adrenaline Series with MotionSense anti-perspirant/deodorant.

Sanchez, who has appeared in previous efforts for the brand, will head up the Degree Men Offseason Adventure Series, a group of "movement-centric challenges issued to Sanchez, which embody the new MotionSense technology offered exclusively in the Degree Men Adrenaline Series." This is the second year for the Adventure Series challenge.

Speaking about the Degree Men activation and not his upcoming efforts to retain his starting job in the face of anticipated competition from Tebow, Sanchez offered, "Making game-changing moves in high-pressure situations is my job. Last year Degree Men took my adrenaline to the next level with Nascar racing and firefighter training, and I can't wait to push my off-season even more with a new set of adventures."

Now through April 9, fans can visit www.DegreeMen.com and vote unlimited times on four different adrenaline-fueled adventures for Sanchez to tackle this off-season.

According to Unilever, Sanchez will complete the top two vote-getting adventures, and share his exploits through an exclusive online video series.

The Degree Men Adrenaline Series challenges include:

Flying with the Blue Angels, with Sanchez taking flight in a F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet. (Unilever said that the Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron does not endorse Degree Men, Mark Sanchez or the New York Jets.)

Sanchez driving a rally car race with the Team O'Neil Rally School.

Sanchez training with the USA Rugby Team.

The Jets quarterback trading football pads for hockey equipment to play goalie for a day. The team was not specified.

"Making game-changing moves in high-pressure situations is my job . . . I can't wait to push my off-season even more with a new set of adventures."

Last year, consumers voted to have Sanchez undergo intense firefighter training with the Orange County Fire Authority and to work with Nascar by training with the pit crew from Junior Motorsports.

"Degree Men is all about protecting guys during life's everyday movements while also keeping them cool during the adrenaline-fueled moments along the way," Aaron Callaway, senior brand building manager for Unilever, said in a statement. "Mark Sanchez plays the toughest position for one of football's highest-profile teams and we're proud to work with him again on the Offseason Adventure program."

The new Degree Men Adrenaline Series with MotionSense anti-perspirant/deodorant is available in Extreme, Everest, Adventure, Sport Defense and V12.

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