Monster Super Bowl Ad Tells The Story Of Noel Lee, Audio Genius, Music Guru
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By Barry Janoff

January 30, 2018: The Super Bowl is known for its energetic and high-profile half time shows, this year starring Justin Timberlake, who follows in the music steps of previous half time performers as Prince, Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Katy Perry and last year Lady Gaga.

High-performance audio brand Monster is right in that mix, with products that have been used by many of the world's best musicians, a message it conveys in its premiere Super Bowl commercial during Super Bowl LII.

A 60-second spot, “You Deserve Better,” scheduled to air on NBC in the fourth quarter, is led by Iggy Azalea and includes famous musicians from various genres, among them Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Joey Fatone (NSYNC), rapper Yo Gotti and Big Kenny (Big & Rich).

The ad plays out to “Savior,” sung by Azalea, featuring Quavo, which is set to release Feb. 2.

The South San Francisco-based company said the spot is “based on the inspirational real-life story of Monster founder and renowned audio engineer Noel Lee, highlighting his lifelong quest to bring better music sound to the world.”

Lee founded Monster in 1979. Years later, he went into partnership with Dr. Dre, which among other things yielded the Beats headphone brand acquired by Apple for $3.2 billion in 2014.

Lee said he designed the headphones that helped to land Dre and his partner, Jimmy Iovine, the huge payday from Apple, but was not part of the deal. He took his case to court; in 2016, a judge ruled that Dre’s alliance with Lee had ended prior to the Apple buy, leaving Lee without any of the Apple loot.

Lee has since reenergized his efforts with Monster, leading to the company’s mantra, “Always Lead. Never Follow.”

Monster is kind of a big deal in the industry. It manufactures some 6,000 products, led by audio and video cables, headphones, sound systems, speakers and the Monster Blaster Bluetooth Boombox as enjoyed by Marshawn Lynch.

Among the most recent, in conjunction with Joe Perry, the Monster Blaster Classic Rock Edition (JP100), “an updated, rocked-out version of Monster’s critically-acclaimed Blaster Bluetooth speaker."

It has about 600 employees and consumers who include, as the Super Bowl spot will show, some of the world’s top musicians.

According to Lee, the Super Bowl, even at a cost of $5 million per 30-seconds, will get his message to a mass and target audience and serve “as a launching pad for Monster Takeover 2018.”

“This Super Bowl ad is an incredible honor for me — a guy who started out 39 years ago in a garage with not much more than my passion for music and my belief that by utilizing technology and innovation I could create products and solutions for delivering better music-listening experiences,” Lee said in a statement.

According to Monster, the storyline is set in New York City, where “the young Noel is living in a drab, uninspiring world where people listen to music using only the plain ear buds that come with their phones.

“Inspired by a beautiful singing voice he hears on the subway, Noel returns to his garage workshop where he creates Monster — the groundbreaking audio company whose products ultimately change the world into a vibrant, colorful place where powerful, great sounding music brings people together.”

"Head Monster" Lee and Monster COO Fred Khalilian appear as themselves at the end of the spot.

The spot was produced by the NBCUniversal Content Innovation Agency.

Monster created a humorous spot in 2016, “You Deserve Better,” in which a guy in a restaurant appears to be breaking up with his unseen girlfriend. ‘You always get yourself tangled up in situations and you can’t get yourself out,” the guy says. “There’s no clarification between us. No line of communication. Sometimes I can’t really hear you . . . This is who I need to be with.”

Turns out he’s breaking up with his old, outdated headphones and replacing them with new Monster audios.

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