Key Nascar Media Man Andrew Giangola Driving To IMG College

By Barry Janoff, Executive Editor

April 20, 2011: Andrew Giangola, who has been a major media and marketing point person at Nascar since 2003, is leaving his position as director of business communications to join IMG College as the vp-strategic communications.

Giangola begins his new position on April 25. His last day at Nascar was April 19. Nascar did not indicate when or if it would fill the position.

In his blog, The Weekend Starts On Wednesday, which was named after his 2010 book, Giangola wrote, "As you may know, college sports are booming – with radiological meltdown to the left of us, wars to the right, our President even found time to fill out his Brackets. This is a chance to take a leadership role with a fast-growing organization transforming the business of college sports. Being Italian, I fully respect an offer not to be refused."

A division of IMG Worldwide, IMG College, based in Winston-Salem, NC, is a marketing and multi-media firm that works with universities and conferences nationwide. Services include radio and television, broadcast talent, coaches' shows and endorsements; managing Internet sites, specialized media, printing and publishing, signage, game day events and hospitality, corporate partner programs, rivalry series, and brand management. 

According to Giangola, "I'm about as excited as one can get nowadays without the authorities being alerted and the building sealed off."

However, he also wrote tongue-in-cheek that not everyone was happy about his move.

"To those partners, colleagues, and media members who have heard this news and have written or called to playfully declare that I am a 'jerk,' 'ass' 'peckerhead' or various other body parts that shall go unmentioned, thank you, I am flattered. I will miss you, too. I sincerely hope we can stay in touch, particularly if you owe me money."

Giangola's book, The Weekend Starts on Wednesday: True Stories of Remarkable Nascar Fans (MBI Publishing, Minneapolis), enabled him to connect Nascar's core fans with casual and non-Nascar people and marketers.

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