Talking Trash With Steve Nash (And Nike)

April 16, 2009: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Reggie Miller are regarded as being among the elite trash talkers in NBA history. But they have nothing on Steve Nash, who walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to reducing trash and working to save the environment. Nash's latest endeavor is the Nike Zoom MVP Trash Talk, which hits retail on April 22, which is Earth Day. The shoe is made from scrap materials (leather, foam, rubber) from other Nike shoes. It will be packaged in a new "considered design" shoe box made from 100% recycled fiber and also designed to reduce fiber content by about 30% from previous "considered design" Nike packaging. Nike will release a limited number of the Nike Zoom MVP Trash Talk shoes, which will be sold at the House of Hoops by Foot Locker in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago (SRP $92). Nash donned the first generation of Trash Talk shoes in February 2008. “I have a passion for preserving our environment, so if I can wear a Nike basketball shoe that reuses waste, performs on the court and is packaged in a shoebox made from 100% recycled fiber, then that’s a winning combination,” Nash said in a statement. "When the new considered design shoebox is fully launched across all Nike footwear styles in 2011, the company expects that it will translate to an annual savings of nearly 12,000 metric tons of cardboard or the equivalent of 200,000 trees." Back to Home Page