Boston Celtics' Paul Pierce Shoots To Score With Switch2Health

January 25, 2010: Paul Pierce, captain of the NBA's Boston Celtics, has formed an alliance with Switch2Health Corp. to help promote health and wellness among adults and kids. Pierce will take an equity stake in the venture, serve on the board, advise the company on healthy lifestyle programs for children and actively promote the S2H brand through his own Truth on Health Initiative and FitClub34 from Harvard Pilgrim.

Switch2Health’s signature product is the S2H Replay (MSRP $19.95), a wrist-worn device that allows users to monitor various aspects of physical activity. For every 60 minutes of physical activity, the device generates a reward code that can be entered at for points, which Switch2Health said could be put toward discounts, product offers, goods and services from a variety of well known local and national brands. S2H said it has worked with the NFL's Play60, The Harlem Globetrotters and State Farm.

Pierce's Truth on Health Initiative and FitClub34 from Harvard Pilgrim is an online destination that offers rewards to members who are committed to an active lifestyle, including tickets to Celtics'  home games. It also provides information on food, exercising and other health-related categories.

“I didn’t always have the access, information or guidance to make the correct decisions about eating well and exercising,” Pierce said in a statement. “I realize now how important staying active and eating healthy has been to my success. What I love about Switch2Health is that it offers the tools, resources and information necessary to make healthy choices while also making it fun by providing great rewards to kids who are truly committed to their own health and fitness."

Pierce's other marketing partners include Nike, Spalding, PowerAde, USI Insurance Solutions, Steiner Sports Memorabilia and Cisco's Flip.

”We are excited to have an athlete of Paul Pierce’s caliber join our team in one of our generation’s most significant challenges: the effort to curb sedentary lifestyles among our youth in the prevention of childhood obesity,” Seth Tropper, president and CEO of Switch2Health, North Brunswick, NJ, said in a statement. “Paul’s broad appeal will be a huge asset as we carry our message to our nation’s youth and their families.”

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