Russell Westbrook Thinks Highly Of His Stats, Until He’s Schooled By Bill Russell
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 02:17PM in Ad Campaigns, Bill Russell, Foot Locker, NBA, Russell Westbrook, sports marketing

By Barry Janoff

February 7, 2017: Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple-double this season (30.9 pig, 10.5 rebounds, 10.2 assists to date), but according to the All-Star guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, “It’s not about the triple-doubles, it’s about getting wins.”

But when it comes to creating a legend, Russell Westbrook quickly finds out that the all-time top Russell in the NBA is still Bill.

In a new spot for Foot Locker, "Stats," Westbrook temporarily distances himself from what could be a record-setting NBA season to focus on selling Air Jordan XXXI kicks and other Nike Jordan Brand gear from the retailer.

The multi-media campaign, including TV scheduled to break this week during NBA games on TNT and continue through NBA All-Star weekend Feb. 17-19, Internet, social media and POP, supports Foot Locker’s "February Brings the Best" effort.

But it doesn’t take much to get Westbrook back on track to toot his own stat horn.

"For me, it’s all about getting wins," he says to a fan who compliments Westbrook’s new shoes as well as all of his triple-doubles (25 to date and counting). "But if you want to focus on the stats, you should know that I crash into 1.7 cameramen per night."

"I didn’t know there was a stat for that," the guy responds.

Undaunted, Westbrook continues. "And I’ve created two times more parental neglect than any other player (as we see a little kid on a elevator, the door closing, his dad distracted while watching Westbrook in a game on his mobile device).

"And I lead the league in talking to myself intensely." Taking to his reflection in a mirror, Westbrook chides, "You better show up tonight." "Oh, I’ll show up, just worry about yourself,” he reflection says as the conversation escaltes. "You worry about yourself." "You worry about yourself."

Westbrook has more numbers to share. "My highlights kept Vine alive for another seven months. And I appear in 72% of opposing coaches nightmares."

He then crosses a line into NBA legend. "Plus, I’m the all-time greatest Russell in league history."

With that, we cut to a shot of Hall of Famer, 11-time NBA champ and five-time MVP Bill Russell. "Oh, really," says Russell.

Cut back to Westbrook. "Okay. Second greatest Russell in league history." (See the full spot here.)

"February truly does bring the best at Foot Locker, and who better to celebrate that with than one of the brightest stars in the NBA," Stacy Cunningham, vp-marketing for Foot Locker, said in a statement. "As Russell continues to be a leader on the court, we knew he was the perfect addition to help us launch this year's campaign."

According to Westbrook, ”I was honored to be a part of Foot Locker's new spot, particularly because it included being featured alongside the legendary, Bill Russell.

“I’ve been focused on being the best player that I can be to help my team this season, so it was fun to take a step back, shoot this commercial and have some fun with my 'Stats.'"

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