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New Era Reignites Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry With Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski 

Alec Baldwin loves the Yankees . . . April 11, 2011: Actor Alec Baldwin is a major fan of the New York Yankees. Actor John Krasinski is a major fan of the rival Boston Red Sox. They both show their true colors in a new campaign from New Era, the official on-field cap of Major League Baseball, that takes sports rivalries to extreme comedic lengths.

The campaign, "Rivals Are Forever," will include TV, social media including Twitter, in-stadium and POP to support New Era's Authentic Collection on-field cap.

In-store, ads will feature such classic baseball rivalries as the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers; and Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals.

TV will run during Yankees and Red Sox games throughout the season on ESPN, FOX, YES Network and NESN. Cable buy includes Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Spike, FX and SNY.

Consumers can become part of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry at New Era's Web site and Facebook destination, people can vote for their favorite team and player, "trash talk" and find baseball content throughout the season.

. . . John Krasinski sides with the Boston Red Sox in New Era's new campaign."We've created a campaign that celebrates the most talked about aspect of Major League Baseball – the rivalry," Christopher Koch, CEO for New Era, Buffalo, NY, said in a statement. "And we've taken one of baseball's most recognizable rivalries and used it as a catalyst to inspire fans everywhere."

In the first spot with the two actors, "The Trash Talking Begins," which broke this past weekend when the Red Sox won two of three games during a series at Fenway Park, Baldwin is at a party when he gets a call on his cell phone from Krasinski.

"Are you a Phillies fan now, since [the Yankees] couldn't get Cliff Lee and he went to Philadelphia for less money?" Krasinski asks.

"Yankee fans don't consider Philadelphia to be a legitimate sports town, John," Baldwin replies, striking the cord of another baseball rivalry. "You know that."

"Are you prepared for what's coming?" Krasinski, who is wearing a New Era Red Sox cap, inquires regarding the 2011 season. "It's going to be the worst misery you've ever experience in the history of this rivalry."

"John. John. John," Baldwin, fresh off his stint during March Madness as spokesman for Capital One, answers. "For the last time — this is not a rivalry. Just like fire does not have a rivalry with kindling. Lawnmowers don't have a rivalry with grass. America does not have a rivalry with Costa Rica."

Krasinski, who has heard this all before and is able to mimic Baldwin's words as he speaks them, is not deterred. "Seriously. How are you a Yankees fan at all? It's like being a huge fan of fascism."

"We've taken one of baseball's most recognizable rivalries — Yankees and Red Sox — and used it as a catalyst to inspire fans everywhere."

"No," responds Baldwin. "It's like being a hugh fan of winning. Which we do. Relentlessly." "Not this year," Krasinski says. "Go ahead," replies Baldwin. "Celebrate in April. We'll dance in October."

That sends Krasinski a bit over the edge. "You will be dead in October!!" After a few moments of awkward silence, Krasinski asks, "Was that a little too much? Sorry. I just got a little worked up."

New Era said the Baldwin-Krasinski debate would continue through the 2011 MLB campaign. (See full TV spot here.)

In addition to MLB, New Era has alliances with the NBA, NFL and Canadian Football League.

"We're truly engaging those die-hard, passionate fans who have pledged undying allegiance to their team, its players and their city," said Koch.

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