NFL Packers' Greg Jennings Is The New Guy In Offbeat Old Spice Commercials

By Barry Janoff

September 4, 2012: In 2011, Greg Jennings was a member of the victorious Super Bowl XLV Green Bay Packers. In 2012, the wide receiver will show off other talents in a humorous campaign as the new Old Spice Guy.

Old Spice this week will debut an NFL-themed marketing campaign in which Jennings touts the Old Spice Champion scent. The effort features the brand's current, eclectic tag line, "Believing in Your Smellf" as it aims to show how Old Spice can help guys "overcome adversity and win on and off the football field."

The campaign will be anchored by a series of TV spots – three 30-second and four 15-second — as well as print, Internet and social media including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Lead agency is Wieden+Kennedy, Portland.

The first spot is scheduled to break during the NFL season-opening game on NBC – Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants –  on Sept. 5. The subsequent spots will roll out over the course of the NFL season, according to the company, primarily during NFL programming on NBC, Fox, ESPN and NFL Network. Digital ads will appear across a number of sports, entertainment, humor and men’s interest outlets.

Old Spice is a division of Proctor and Gamble, which is an official marketing partner of the NFL. Previous humorous Old Spice marketing featured Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens and football player-turned-actor Terry Crews.

"Old Spice Champion is about inspiring self-confidence when guys need it most," Jason Partin, brand manager for Old Spice North America, said in a statement. "With Greg Jennings, who embodies the true spirit of a champion, this campaign is designed to reach NFL fans in need of a little extra confidence when tackling whatever life throws their way."

The initial 30-second spot, "Film," finds Jennings wearing his Packers uniform on what appears to be a football field, playing catch Frisbee with a dog named Roscoe. "We did it! We did it, Roscoe! We're alive," Jennings says as the two frolic on the field to the soundtrack of inspirational music. He then approaches the camera. "When you use Old Spice Champion it's like you're the star of a Hollywood film about your own life."

The camera then pulls back to reveal that the action is being shot on a sound stage. Roscoe the dog turns out to be an actor in a sweaty pooch suit. He removes the false dog head and moans, in response to Jennings, "As opposed to playing a small bit part in someone else's film."

An equally sweaty guy playing a nearby tree then adds, "Tell me about it, bro." Text adds, "Believe in Your Smellf." (See the full spot here.)

According to Jennings, who was a member of the NFL All-Rookie Team in 2006 and is a two-time Pro Bowler, “Approaching life with a winning attitude has helped me achieve my goals and conquer any challenge that I've been faced with. I’ve always been a huge fan of Old Spice and jumped at the opportunity to work with them on this campaign. I think NFL fans will get a kick out of seeing me in some pretty compromising situations in these commercials."

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