Chicago 2016 Takes To The Streets With Olympic Week

May 4, 2009: The organizers of Chicago 2016, who want to bring the Summer Games to the Windy City, have put significant time, energy and financial resources behind Olympic Week, which runs May 4-8. The public event comes as the International Olympic Committee is visiting Madrid, the last of the four cities seeking to host the 2016 Games. Chicago 2016 claims to have more than 230,000 students, 15,000 teachers and 40 Olympians and Paralympians registered for the "educational-enrichment program that features tailored lessons and activities about the Olympic movement — including history, health, arts and culture, sports and the environment." May 4 features opening ceremonies and pep rallies. May 5 will be "Arts and Culture Day." May 6 is deemed "Chicago 2016 Star Day," when high school students selected from nearly a dozen local schools will present business plans to support the 2016 Games should Chicago be chosen, with local business leaders in attendance. May 7 is "Paralympic Sport Day" and May 8 will be "Sport and Field Day," when local students will compete in a mock Games, complete with medal ceremonies. The IOC will vote on the host city for the 2016 Games in October. Back to Home Page