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P&G, Nick Lachey Encourge NFL Fans To Show Their Colors For Super Bowl Sweeps

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October 11, 2012: Procter & Gamble brand Tide has launched an online-based campaign, “Show Us Your Colors,” that includes a sweepstakes with the top prize being a trip to Super Bowl XLVII this February in New Orleans.

The activation coincides with a broader P&G marketing effort to support its fourth season as an official NFL sponsor, "Fan-cestry," also offering trip to Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. P&G brands Duracell, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice and Tide are sponsoring this initiative.

The “Show Us Your Colors” encourages consumers and football fans to visit a dedicated Facebook page to post a photo to show "just how much their [NFL team's] colors mean to them." (Full details here.)

The activation is being supported by marketing that includes singer/TV personality Nick Lachey, a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, who has posted a photo of his newborn son, Camden, wearing a team jersey.

“NFL fans are so passionate that they are constantly expressing their love for their team, whether it be through their gear, their football Sunday activities, or their social media outlets,” Alex Keith, vp-Fabric Care for P&G, North America, said in a statement. “Tide’s ‘Show Us Your Colors’ gives these devotees a platform to celebrate the most pivotal moment of their life as a fan—the time when their colors meant much more than just colors.”

According to Lachey, “As a diehard NFL fan, I am thrilled to be a part of Tide’s ‘Show Us Your Colors’ campaign and show how I’m passing along the love of my team to my son. Football is more than just a game — it’s a lifestyle and a game where your team’s colors mean everything. I can’t wait to work with Tide, the brand that keeps these colors true.”

As part of its  "Fan-cestry" activation, consumers are being directed to a Web site where they are encouraged to create a profile.

The site uses the information to create an "infographic showing how well they are connected to their favorite NFL team," according to P&G. Each visitor who participates will be entered to win tickets to Super Bowl XLVII. (Full details here).

“America’s favorite P&G brands are engaging fans of America’s favorite sport in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them,” Anne Westbrook, who heads up sports marketing communications in the U.S. for P&G, said in a statement. “Fan-cestry is a platform to unite all types of NFL fans, from those who have never attended a game to those who live and breathe their team colors. These fans share a common bond of loyalty and fandom for the sport, and that is what Fan-cestry is all about.”

"Fan-cestry is a platform to unite all types of NFL fans, from those who have never attended a game to those who live and breathe their team colors."

"Fan-cestry" will be supported by POP and social media. Tagline explains, "You. Your team. Discover the history."

P&G intends for the activation to go viral. According to Westbrook, “[The site] allows you to invite friends to join and share, and it allows you to track your fandom throughout the season in connection with all those great things you might do, like if you go to a game or have a great experience with a friend at a party on game day Sunday."

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