Pizza Hut Putting The 'Hut' Into Consumer-Generated Super Bowl Commercial

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January 7, 2013: Pizza Hut is not the official pizza partner of the NFL — that designation belongs to Papa John's — but with the word "hut" in its name, it does have an edge in the football marketing category.

Pizza Hut has unveiled a multi-media campaign that encourages consumers and NFL fans to make the most of "hut." The brand is asking people to upload videos of their best "Hut! Hut! Hut!" call, which "could become part of a Pizza Hut user-generated commercial to air on Feb. 3" before Super Bowl XLVII.

A launch TV spot shows football players from pee-wee and casual to the pros on various fields of play, with snippets of real and would-be signal callers using the "Hut! Hut! Hut!" call. Pizza Hut said that now through 11:59 PM on Jan. 20, 2013, people can upload "their most energetic, creative, authentic and/or silly 15-second 'Hut' calls" to a video contest tab on the Pizza Hut Facebook fan page.

Social media support also includes Twitter and an alliance with Zooppa, a crowd-sourcing and video content aggregator.

An estimated 48 million people ordered takeout or delivery food during Super Bowl XLVI this past February, with more than 60% of them ordering pizza, according to the National Restaurant Assn.

According to Pizza Hut, quarterbacks shout "Hut" about 133 times a game and the word "Hut" is used more than 5 million times by quarterbacks each year. That does not include the 1.6 million times "Hut" is heard inside Pizza Hut locations every Sunday or the 480 million times "Hut" is heard inside Pizza Huts every year.

Pizza Hut said that vdeos should feature live-action, real people saying the word "Hut!" to simulate the start of a football play in a lively, engaging, funny, football manner.

In addition to being considered for the Super Bowl day TV spot, Pizza Hut is offering consumers an opportunity to win $15,000 in total prizes. (Full details here.)

Rival Papa John's has purchased air time during the Super Bowl and has had a season-long campaign with quarterback Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos and Papa John's CEO John Schnatter.

"The day of the big game is our busiest time of the year and we plan to share in the excitement with our fans more than ever this season."

According to Kurt Kane, CMO for Pizza Hut, "The day of the big game is our busiest time of the year and we plan to share in the excitement with our fans more than ever this season. Our brand ideal is simple: Turn good times into great times. That's what Pizza Hut can deliver with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to star in one of our commercials."

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