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Puma Lets Usain Bolt, Employees Walk The Walk In New Campaigns

Chicks dig Usain Bolt's 'Bolt arms' in new ad.August 19, 2009: Puma, which is fighting Nike and adidas for a bigger share of the sports footwear and apparel category, has unveiled two campaigns, one starring Usain Bolt, legitimately known as the "World's Fastest Man" and the other featuring company employees in humorous vignettes.

In a spot featuring Bolt, "In De Club," a man approaches the athlete at a party and asks him to "do the pose," in which he raises his arms like lightning bolts after winning a race. Bolt reluctantly accommodates the request by taking his arms from around the shoulders of two women with whom he was speaking and recreating the pose he made famous during the 2008 Olympics when he won three gold medals. When he's done, the women have moved on, much to Bolt's dismay. But the spot then recreates the moment with "Bolt arms," which are foam arm reproductions of Bolt's pose. Bolt has them attached to his back, so when the guy now asks Bolt to "do the pose," he does so without having to remove his real arms from the girls' shoulders. Tag: "Bolt Arms. Chicks dig 'em." And then text somewhat suggestively reads, "Check back soon to see what else they do."

The campaign ties into Bolt's accomplishments this week at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin, which included setting a new world record in the men's 100 meter with a time of 9.58 seconds,

Puma employees star in brand campaign.In the employee-led campaign, Puma lets workers from its stores in New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami talk about themselves while either wearing or posing with Puma products. Jessica from New York talks about finding the right mate and carries a sign that reads she is "looking for someone who has had fewer than 50 partners". Explains Puma about Jessica, "Finding the perfect partner these days is tough. Promiscuity reigns. And when you're the nice girl next door, its unnerving." Jorge from San Francisco talks about meeting people and eating food in his first visit to New York. According to Puma, Jorge "will dance to any type of music that makes his booty pop from freestyle, 80s, new wave or hip hop. Jorge really loves cupcakes."

Puma said that thousands of employees vied for the spots, which were whittled down to 14 winners. Seven spots will run now though the end of September, and seven more will run mid-November through the end of December. Creative broke this week, including on YouTube and a dedicated FaceBook page. Support includes Puma employees hosting in-store and off-site events. Puma's lead agency is Droga5, New York. Back to Home Page