Ray Lewis Goes Beyond Hype To Get Powered By Twinlabs' Power Fuel

March 4, 2011: It seems as if products such as Gatorade's Prime are not productive enough for one of the toughest guys in the NFL.

Ray Lewis, a future Hall of Fame linebacker with the Baltimore Ravens, is putting his marketing efforts behind Power Fuel, which is described as a "pre-workout intensity supplement." Power Fuel, from New York-based Twinlab Corp., will feature Lewis on its packaging and "contain a powerful custom ingredient blend named in his honor."

“I was interested in a formula that could bring real results to the table and not just hype," Lewis said in a statement. "Anybody who knows me knows that if I’m going to do something, it’s going to be done right, and that’s exactly what we’re doing."

According to Twinlab, Power Fuel's "Fuel Management System works to help get you primed and ready for truly intense workouts [and] replenish vital electrolytes lost through perspiration, infuse B-vitamins to increase metabolism and help turn food into energy and patented Cinnulin PF.

Among its ingredients, Power Fuel contains "Formula52 [which is] packed with a proprietary blend of nitric oxide precursors and facilitators to help stimulate pump; clinically tested fatigue-fighting agents beta alanine, caffeine and a taurine to aid performance and focus; and creatine to help fuel strength and size gains.

Lewis, whose endorsement deals also include Old Spice, will do supporting marketing for Power Fuel, such as Internet and a personal appearance at the Arnold [Schwarzenegger] Sports Festival Expo on at the Columbus (Ohio) Convention Center.

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