Rio 2016

  • LeBron, K-D Eye 2016 Olympics

  • Chicago '20 Next?

    Is it too soon to start thinking about Chicago 2020? How about Tulsa, Boston or Minneapolis? MORE

  • IOC '16 Countdown

    With two weeks to go until the host city for the 2016 Summer Games is named, the IOC said the voting is too close to call. MORE

  • Chicago '16 Boost

    Chicago's efforts to host the 2016 Olympics received a major boost when the City Council voted to sign the host city contract, clearing financial hurdles red-flagged by the IOC. MORE

  • Chicago Countdown

    With one month to go until the IOC selects a city to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, the Chicago 2016 committee has released a detailed financial and fiscal report. MORE

  • Obama 2016 Video

    President Obama appeared on video during a meeting of Olympic representatives in Africa offering his strongest support to date for Chicago 2016. MORE

  • IOC Exits Rio

    The IOC evaluation committee has finished its tour of Rio and given the city good marks, and now heads to Madrid to view the last of four cities bidding for the 2016 Olympics. MORE

  • IOC Exits Tokyo

    The IOC Evaluation Committee is out of Tokyo and on to Rio de Janeiro as part of its quest to find a host for the 2016 Summer Games, but IOC members liked what Tokyo had to offer. MORE

  • Tokyo 2016 IOC

    The International Olympic Committee, which finished its tour of Chicago, now hits Tokyo as part of a four-city tour to determine a host for the 2016 Summer Games. MORE

  • IOC Chicago

    The IOC officially hits Chicago on April 2 to review the city's financial, logistical and cultural plans for hosting the 2016 Summer Games. MORE

  • Illinois Backs '16

    The Illinois Senate has added its support to Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics by signing a $250 million state guarantee. MORE

  • 2016 Bid Boost

    The Illinois House of Representatives has voted to pledge up to $250 million for any potential losses if Chicago is selected to host the 2016 Olympics. MORE

  • Chicago 2016 Tag

    Chicago 2016 changed its tagline from "Stir the Soul" to "Let Friendship Shine." MORE