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In Webisode Series, There's No Turning Back When Shaq Takes On Shaq

Shaq stars as a guest on a late night talk show that is hosted by . . . November 15, 2010: Shaquille O'Neal, a future Hall of Fame NBA player now with the Boston Celtics, is known for sharing his feelings not only on the court, but via such outlets as Twitter (with more than 3.3 million followers) and Shaq Vs., a reality show that has aired for two seasons on ABC.

But how does Shaq really feel about Shaq? We can get an insight into that, albeit with tongue squarely placed in cheek, in Double Take, a Web series presented by Power Balance, a company that produces bracelets and other items whose "performance technology" is designed to enhance "the body’s natural energy flow." The Los Angeles-based company includes numerous athletes among its PB Team of endorsers, include O'Neal, Lamar Odom, Derrick Rose, Drew Brees, Shane Victorino and other athletes from golf, hockey, auto racing, action sports and elsewhere.

. . . Shaq.Power Balance said that Double Take is an "innovative new online series where celebrities interview themselves as a vehicle to push the limits and ask themselves the questions they’ve always wanted to answer." Shaq stars in the premiere episode, discussing in a talk show format such topics as his overabundance of nicknames, his rivalry with Kobe Bryant and his dubious choice of Hollywood movie appearances.

Starting with Shaq on Shaq, Double Take will air bi-weekly as three-minute episodes across Web and mobile. The next scheduled Double Take features action sports star Ryan Sheckler on Nov. 17.

In the initial episode, Shaq the host is dressed as a bit of a nerd, with glasses, short sleeve white shirt, bow tie and attitude to match, while Shaq the host is dressed to kill with an expensive suit abd tie and matching demeanor. Among the highlights:

Host Shaq: "So you are playing for the Celtics and your last name is O'Neal. Are you Irish?"
Guest Shaq: "I'd don't think so."

Host Shaq: "Do you know what it should say on your uniform: ShaqRock (with a photo of Shaq's face super-imposed over a shamrock)."
Guest Shaq: "I'll talk to somebody about that . . . This is stupid. You are the stupidest person I've met on the stupid planet."

Shaq pokes fun at his role in the film, 'Shazaam.'Host Shaq: "What page of the Kazaam script were you on when you called your agent and said, 'I'm in.' [Laughs]."
Guest Shaq: "Mr. Funny Guy."

Host Shaq: "So did you and Kobe finally make nice?"
Guest Shaq: "Who?"

Host Shaq: "Did he get you a diamond ring?"
Guest Shaq: "I don't accept diamond rings from guys."

Host Shaq: "Well you should, because then you would have five rings, too, stupid! Kazaam!"
Guest Shaq: "That's the second low blow. Get to three and I'll punch you right in your face!"

Host Shaq: "Kazaam!"
Guest Shaq: "That's it. No more Kobe jokes. No more Kazaam jokes. You can't even say 'K.'"

Double Take is produced by Converge, an entertainment marketing and production company that has worked with such celebrities as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Diddy, Miley Cyrus and Foo Fighters. Double Take is headed by former Saturday Night Live cast member and writer Michaela Watkins and screenwriter Graham Gordy (Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third).

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