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Snowboarder/Skateboarder Shaun White Stuck On Stride Sponsorship Deal

March 9, 2011: Shaun White, who has mastered the sports of snowboarding and skateboarding, and has been a major factor in bringing both to a mainstream audience, has signed a deal with Kraft Foods to represent Stride gum in marketing and promotional efforts.

Financial terms of the two-year deal were not disclosed.

According to Kraft Foods, White will be the official spokesperson and will be "engaged in a variety of promotional activities throughout the coming months" for Stride, which comes with the tag, "The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum."

White, who has won gold medals at both the Winter Olympics and X Games, recently signed a deal with BFGoodrich. He also has marketing deals that include Red Bull, Burton, Oakley, Ubisoft and Target, according to his official Web site.

"When Stride approached me about partnering with the brand, I knew it would be a great fit and I am looking forward to working with them on some pretty exciting things," White said in a statement.

Stride said it would unveil specific activations featuring White throughout 2011, but that they would include including giveaways and digital and social media campaigns such as Facebook and Twitter.

Kraft Food is seeking to make Stride edgy enough for the young, cutting edge demo that follows White. Stride was launched in 2006 by Cadbury Adams, a division of Kraft Foods, "to give gum chewers a fun, unique and long lasting chewing experience," according to the company. TV spots have included a test marketing group that goes ballistic when their Stride Shift gum changes flavors from citrus to mint as it is being chewed, and a group of covert operators who force people to spit out their long-lasting flavor Stide gum. Lead agency is JWT, New York.

"Shaun is a long-time fan of Stride and embodies what the brand is all about: always on the cutting edge with the unexpected and groundbreaking."

Also among Stride's 14 flavors are Forever Fruit, Always Mandarin, Nonstop Mint, Uber Bubble, Eternal Melon, Mega Mystery and Spark.

"Shaun is a long-time fan of Stride and embodies what the brand is all about: always on the cutting edge with the unexpected and groundbreaking," Gary Osifchin, marketing director for Stride, said in a statement. "We are thrilled that Shaun will be representing Stride."

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