Fox Swings Into World Series With A Homer (And Bart, Marge, Lisa Simpson) In Promo
Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 04:08PM in Fox, MLB, MLB, The Simpsons, World Series, sports marketing, sports media

By Barry Janoff

October 20, 2015: Fox is planning a multi-media campaign to support its coverage of the 2015 World Series.

But the Series, which begins on Fox on Oct. 27, wouldn't really be the Fall Classic unless The Simpsons were involved.

Thanks to Fox, they are.

Arguably the world's best-known animated family and their friends from Springfield star in a new spot for Fox's MLB World Series coverage.

Just listening to the voiceover makes the 30-second commercial seem innocent and innocuous.

"They play, these boys of summer, all season long. It all comes down to October, where heroes take the biggest stage. A stage where legends are born. The World Series on Fox."

However, here, the boys of summer are the Springfield Isotopes, the teams are playing for the Nuclear League Championship and the heroes prefer hot dogs over baseball bats.

One of the legends hits a baseball that smashes into an alien spacecraft hovering over Earth, which is piloted by Kang and Kodos. That starts an intergalactic war, with the final tag line of the commercial actually reading, "The World Series on Fox . . .  While Earth still exists."

The spot also manages to throw in other irreverent Simpson references: The Springfield championship series is presented by Duff Beer and Homer and his neighbors are in church with mobile devices hidden in their bibles turned in to the baseball game. (See the full spot here.)

The spot will air on Fox and FS 1 during coverage of the American League championship series between the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals.

Fox recently added MLB veteran player Alex Rodriguez to its on-air roster, joining among others Pete Rose as a commentator and analyst.

The Simpsons have been aligned with baseball throughout the 27 season run of the series, including an episode in 1992, "Homer at the Bat," that featured such MLB stars at the time as Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Don Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, Darryl Strawberry and Ken Griffey Jr.

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