Spartan Race Ready To Challenge The Obstacles Of New York's Times Square

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December 26, 2012: Times Square in New York is famous for its lights, (tourist) cameras and action. But two weeks after its most iconic event — hosting THE New Year's Eve party — the area will become the site of a tough, rugged, sweaty event that might make the Dec. 31 bash seem like a Sweet 16 by comparison.

For the first time, Spartan Race, an extreme obstacle course global racing series, will take over Times Square, giving people an opportunity to watch ultra athletes competing against each other and also against the clock.

The Times Square event was originally scheduled for late October, but was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy and moved to Jan. 17.

Events in Spartan Race include the Spartan Sprint (a race over, around and through obstacles), Olympic Super Spartan (an eight-mile race also involving major obstacles) and the Ultra Spartan Beast (an eight-to-ten mile obstacle course race).

The Tines Square exhibition will be several days after the Spartan Muck Out, a two-day volunteer project (scheduled for Jan. 12-13) to assist clean-up efforts in areas of New York hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. It is being held in in conjunction with New York Cares.

On the morning of Jan. 17, Spartan co-founder (New Yorker) Joe Desena said he would "unveil the Spartan Race 2013 season schedule, locations, partnerships and new initiatives for the coming year."

More than 30 Spartan Races are being planned for 2013 throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, according to organizers.

Participants on Jan. 17 will include Team X.T.R.E.M.E. (a group of amputee military veteran) and many current Spartan champions.

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