Ticket To Drive: StubHub Ranks Top Ten NBA 2010-11 Season Openers

October 26, 2010: NBA players, fans, marketing partners and league executives are anticipating the 2010-11 season with baited breath, so it is no surprise that ticket broker StubHub said that it is "experiencing near triple- digit NBA growth."

Driving that growth is the season opener between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, which puts the likes of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade (subject to injury report), Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Shaquille O'Neal, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rando on the same court.

StubHub said that the Miami-Boston game on Oct. 26  is the the hottest ticket on its site, averaging $385. Miami also has the second game on the StubHub Top 10 with its season home opener on Oct. 29 against the Orlando Magic pulling in an average of $348. The two-time defending Los Angeles Lakers are ranked at No. 3 with its season home opener on Oct. 26 against the Houston Rockets, who anticipate the return of Yao Ming after missing last season with a foot injury, getting an average of $246.

The Top 5 also includes Miami yet again, going on the road for the season home opener of the Philadelphia 76ers and the Portland Trailblazers visiting the New York Knicks and Amar'e Stoudamire at Madison Square Garden on Oct. 30.

“Fan anticipation for the 2010 NBA season has reached incredible heights, and StubHub is experiencing tremendous year-over-year growth in NBA sales as a result,” Ray Elias, senior marketing director at StubHub, said in a statement. “Because of the size of our marketplace and the fact that these are the average prices paid for tickets on StubHub, not listing prices, our data is a true representation of fan demand from Miami to Los Angeles and markets in-between.”

In addition to the home openers, StubHub is already seeing are "driving incredible demand" for tickets for other upcoming games. On Christmas Day, for example, marquee holiday games including the Heat at Lakers, Celtics at Magic, the Chicago Bulls at Knicks, Blazers at Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets at Oklahoma City Thunder  on StubHub, serving as a catalyst for record NBA growth on the site. StubHub said its has "approximately 2,000 tickets available for the Lakers and Magic games."

To the surprise of few, StubHub’s top selling teams for the 2010 season to date include the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks, Heat and Bulls. The Heat, Magic and Phoenix Suns are "demonstrating the highest year-over-year growth" on StubHub.

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