CBS Filling Super Bowl XLIV Advertising Roster With Rookie Marketers

truTV's Super Bowl spot will feature Troy Polamalu and support the debut of 'NFL Full Contact.'January 13, 2010: As Super Bowl XLIV approaches, CBS is filling its remaining 30-second ad slots with companies that are rookies to the big game. TruTV, part of Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System, and text-answering service kgb have both purchased time, joining first-year advertisers that to date include Dr Pepper, Electronic Arts and HomeAway.

Financial details were not released. CBS is charging between $2.5-2.8 million for a 30-second spot.

TruTV said that its spot is scheduled to appear in the second quarter of the game, prior to the two-minute warning, and would star Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers. KGB said it would run a 30-second spot during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLIV and two 30-second spots during the pre-game coverage.

TruTV said its humorous spot, from Grey, New York, would have Polamalu in a scenario that  highlights NFL Full Contact, a behind-the-scenes look at professional football that will debut Feb. 8,  the day after Super Bowl XLIV. Polamalu was part of the Steelers' championship teams at Super Bowls XL and XLIII; he appeared in a TV spot for Coke Zero during Super Bowl XLIII that was a humorous remake of the classic "Mean" Joe Greene Coca-Cola spot from 1979.

KGB wants to reach millions of mobile phone customers with its ad buys during Super Bowl XLIV.KGB's creative, from The Brooklyn Brothers, New York,  will focus on kgb's 542542 text answer service "as a better way to get quick, precise information by texting questions to live kgb 'special agents' instead of having to sift through mountains of results that a search engine typically returns when asked a specific question. KGB said that it's previous ads have been " edgy, humorous." One spot, played out to the strains of "The William Tell Overture," aka the theme to the classic TV show, The Lone Ranger, sees people asking such questions as, "Should a mom be concerned if the poop is too green?" and "Does paying online get me out of court?"

According to TNS Media Intelligence, first-time advertisers have accounted for 20-25% of the Super Bowl TV ad lineup since 2005. First-time advertisers during Super Bowl XLIII were, Castrol, Denny’s, Teleflora and Vizio.

"Advertising during the Super Bowl is a tremendous opportunity for us to introduce even more Americans to kgb's 542542 text answer service," Bruce Stewart, kgb CEO of Mobile and Digital, New York, said in a statement. "We already have millions of mobile phone customers who rely on kgb for quick, accurate answers to their questions." The 15-year-old kgb said it launched its text answer service in the U.S. about a year ago.

According to Marc Juris, evp and general manager of truTV/In Session, "Having an ad in the Super Bowl gives the network the biggest possible platform to show viewers and the advertising community that truTV has emerged as a major player in television." TruTV, which rebranded from Court TV in 2008, said that 2009 was the best in the network's 18-year history "as deliveries grew 29% among adults 18-34 and 11% among adults 18-49."


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