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Back To The Future For Denny's GoDaddy, Mars At Super Bowl XLIV

Denny's is expanding its free food offer, so chickens beware!January 28, 2010: As companies share details regarding their TV spots for Super Bowl XLIV, Denny's said it would offer free food, GoDaddy said it had an ad rejected and Mars' Snickers said it would be back in the mix. As Yogi Berra said, "It's déjà vu all over again."

Last year, Denny's offered during its Super Bowl XLIII commercial a free Grand Slam breakfast for a limited time, which it said ultimately drove more than two million people to locations nationwide. Denny's again will offer a free Grand Slam, this year on Tuesday, Feb. 9 from 6 AM-2 PM. at participating restaurants, but is tossing in more free food via incentives and consumer-driven activation.

The free food offerings will be unveiled during three Denny's ads on CBS on Feb. 7, including one in which a man invokes the spirit of the two million consumers who responded to last year's ad by warning chickens to "get out of town. Do whatever it takes. Tell your boss you have jury duty. It's going to be rough week for egg layers." Lead agency is Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

Denny's will expand the offer and the message delivery system this year by enabling consumers to register to win one free Grand Slam every week for a year, a limited-time free burgers and fries by registering for Denny’s Rewards program online, a limited-time unlimited pancakes and French fries refills and a free Grand Slam offer to consumers who order the item on their birthday.

Denny’s said its integrated Super Bowl campaign also includes print in USA Today,  radio and Internet with a social media program that "extends the life of the characters from the Super Bowl spot into exclusive webisodes that will be featured on Denny’s Facebook and Twitter."

Meanwhile, at GoDaddy.com, the domain registrar and host said that after having one of its ads okayed by CBS for broadcast, another from among four more submitted for consideration has been rejected. That is pretty much par for the course for the company, which had two rejected in 2007 before a third was okayed to air on CBS during Super Bowl XLI, had two concepts rejected by Fox prior to Super Bowl XLII and saw versions of others rejected by NBC last year.

Danica Patrick won't reject Lola, even if CBS does."We didn't see this one coming - we were absolutely blindsided!" Bob Parsons, GoDaddy CEO and founder, said in a statement. The ad accepted by CBS, "Movies," shows company spokesperson Danica Patrick channeling such actresses as Marilyn Monroe, Kelly LeBrock from Weird Science and Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. The rejected ad, "Lola," finds an effeminate former football players finding his true calling as a fashion designer via an online store with the help of GoDaddy. Patrick also is in the ad as on-site narrator.

GoDaddy has a second 30-second slot to fill and is still awaiting on a decision by CBS regarding the remaining three spots submitted for consideration. GoDaddy handles creative in-house.

Mars Chocolate North America is back in the Super Bowl for the first time since Super Bowl XLI with "Game," starring TV icons Betty White (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls) and Abe Vigoda (Barney Miller). Snickers was criticized for its spot during the game in 2007, which showed two men simultaneously eating the same Snickers bar who accidentally kissed and then were revolted by the act. The company pulled the commercial from rotation.

Betty White in Snickers Super Bowl ad.Mars would not offer details on its new commercial, from BBDO, New York, beyond saying that the spot "proves you're not you when you're hungry and reminds consumers that Snickers continues to satisfy hunger. With its earlier troubles as a reminder, the company said it knows the power that comes with advertising during the Super Bowl.

"There's no better environment to introduce Snickers new advertising campaign than the Super Bowl, with its massive and truly engaged audience," Carole Walker, vp-integrated marketing communications at Mars Chocolate North America, said in a statement. "The brand's new advertising is funny, iconic and sure to be part of the national conversation that takes place during and after the game."

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