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Diamond Foods Unlocks Four Seconds ($340K Worth) Of Super Bowl Ad 'Secret'

Consider this an $83,000 peek at Diamond Foods' Super Bowl XLIV spot.January 21, 2010: If you thought it was difficult to pry secrets from the CIA, trying getting Diamond Foods to talk about its upcoming Super Bowl XLIV spot. The company has been generous enough to unveil a sneak preview — four seconds worth — featuring two of its brands: Pop Secret Popcorn and Emerald Nuts.

Diamond Foods said the full commercial that will run during CBS’s coverage of the Super Bowl on Feb. 7 stars the "world’s most flamboyant dolphin trainer." In the four-second clip, the trainer is seen standing on top of a prefabricated volcano built in the water of a marine theme park. In an effort to charge up the audience, he yells the phrase, “Let’s get aquatic!”  Which apparently will be deciphered when the full ad is revealed. The clip ends with the text, “Awesome + Awesome = Awesomer.” According to Diamond Foods, "How this relates to popcorn and snack nuts will be revealed during the second half of the game."

Spend was not disclosed, but CBS is asking between $2.5-$2.8 million for a 30-second spot. Which means that Diamond Foods has revealed about $340,000 of its Super Bowl ad spend.

The commercial is part of a larger campaign that will include a print ad in USA Today and online media buys the week before the Super Bowl on the Web sites of USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Following the Super Bowl, Diamond Foods said it would add search advertising via Google and YouTube to help drive consumers to its Web site. Lead agency is Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.

The Super Bowl effort comes on the heels of a campaign for Pop Secret that launched in December featuring animated kernel characters watching scenes from such movies as Caddyshack and The Dark Knight. Diamond Foods ran ads during Super Bowls XXXIX, XL and XLI, but sat out the past two events.  The new spot follows in the footsteps of such Emerald Nuts commercials as "3 PM Natural Energy"  featuring Robert Goulet, which aired during Super Bowl XLI; and "Unicorn," which ran during Super Bowl XL.

Ramping up consumer interest behind Pop Secret, which the company acquired in 2008 from General Mills, and supporting the success of Emerald Nuts, which Diamond said is the "fastest growing brand in the snack nut category [with sales growth] almost 50% over the previous year," inspired the San Francisco-based snack food company to return to the mix.

“We have used Super Bowl advertising very effectively over the years to drive broad awareness and growth of our Emerald brand,”  Michael Mendes, president and CEO for Diamond Foods, said in a statement. “This year, we are leveraging our Super Bowl investment featuring both Pop Secret Popcorn and Emerald Nuts in one ad. This reinforces the fact that Diamond has two contemporary snack food brands in its portfolio well-positioned to serve a similar consumer demographic.”

 According to Diamond Foods, Americans will consume 3.8 million pounds of popcorn and 2.5 million pounds of snack nuts on Super Bowl Sunday.

Diamond Foods Is (Emerald) Nuts About Super Bowl XLIV

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