ESPN's Scott Van Pelt Feels The 'Flopodopolous' With Titleist

April 22, 2009: Titleist has enlisted the services of ESPN SportsCenter anchor and golf reporter Scott Van Pelt and U.K. Sky Sports' Di Stewart and put them in an oversized golf hole cup in a series of humorous spots debating the merits of golf. Nine "Inside the Cup" 30- and 45-second commercials, from Arnold Worldwide, Boston, support the Titleist NXT Tour and NXT Extreme golf balls and show the pair in a point-counterpoint scenario talking about such inane topics as "Who is slower on the course: men or women" and "Carry your clubs or walk." In "New groove restrictions," Van Pelt talks about how new rules affecting the production of golf clubs will take "one of the key elements out of my game - the 'flopodopolous.' The 64-degree wedge, you open it up, swing, [the ball] drops stone dead. I gotta have my grooves. You can't take the teeth out of my 'flopodopolous.' Don't mess with daddy's bite." To which Stewart replies with a straight face, "Nobody wants to mess with your 'flopodopolous.'" Tag: "What happens in the cup stays in the cup." The spots will run on network and cable during golf coverage, at the Titleist Web site, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Back to Home Page