Traditional Media Still Most Popular With Consumers Seeking Entertainment

December 17, 2009: Good news for all those marketers and ad agencies striving to reach consumers via traditional media: According to the latest update to the Entertainment Trends in America, which is a consumer tracking survey conducted by The NPD Group, 81% of respondents watch an average of 10 hours of TV programming per week (not including feature films). And 78% of respondents listen to traditional AM/FM radio, spending over five hours per week doing so.

Of course, TiVo and DVRs still cut into commercial time, but at least, according to NPD, the opportunity to reach a massive audience still exists. The TV numbers are expected to be strong in the early part of 2010, when TV must-see's include the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics.

“There’s a perception that families spending time in front of a glowing TV hearth has been replaced by glowing laptop or iPod displays,” Russ Crupnick, entertainment industry analyst for NPD, Port Washington, NY, said in a statement. “And while that’s true for some families, TV remains the top entertainment choice by far in the United States.”

According to the survey, instant messaging and e-mail are also extremely popular; 70% of respondents took part in those activities, on average, 4 hours per week. Also, 47% visit social networking sites, spending an average of 5 hours on that activity; and Twitter was listed by 11% of respondents, who reported tweeting an average of three hours per week.

According to NPD's Entertainment Trends in America, the top five leisure-time activities based on the percentage of U.S. consumers who took part in each activity in the prior week, are the following:

1. Watch TV show/sports/news (excluding movies): 81%
2. Listen to music on traditional AM/FM radio (not satellite): 78%
3. Instant-messaging or e-mailing: 70%
4. Listen to music on a CD: 60%
5. Watch a movie on TV (excluding Pay-Per-View and Video on Demand): 58%
Source: NPD Group

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