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UPDATE: After Hitting A Bump, United Football League On The Road To 2010

April 29, 2010: After delaying the release of its 2010 schedule, the United Football League unveiled its ten-week, 20-game itinerary, during which five teams will compete to play in the second annual UFL championship game.

According to UFL spokesman Michael Preston, the two-day delay "was [due to] a logistical point we had to clear up. Nothing major."

The season begins on Sept. 17 with a rematch of the UFL title game winner Las Vegas Locos and Florida Tuskers. The championship game, which last season was played in Las Vegas, is scheduled for the Thanksgiving weekend of Nov. 26-27 at a site "to be determined," according to the UFL.

The United Football League, which last week held its annual meeting and unveiled several significant changes and enhancements, said on April 27 it would not be releasing the 2010 UFL schedule "as indicated in previous correspondence with fans and media."

According to the UFL, "Unforeseen circumstances have resulted in an unavoidable delay in confirming the 2010 UFL schedule. Resolving the process to finalize the schedule remains a priority."

The delay came on the heels of the UFL annual meeting on April 22-23 in Orlando. In preparation for its second season, the UFL made perhaps its biggest move for 2010 with the investment of Mark Cuban as part of UFL ownership. Cuban, whose HDNet continues as a league media partner, did not reveal the size of his financial input. He joins UFL investors Bill Hambrecht, Paul Pelosi and Bill Mayer .

"I didn't want to take on the responsibility of a franchise," Cuban told members of the media. "[If there is an NFL lockout in 2011] it will make things really interesting. Now if there's not a lockout, it's a valid league. But, that just made it more interesting."

The UFL, which played its initial season with four franchises, has expanded into Omaha while relocating from others, with plans to go to six teams in 2011. Among other decisions, the league will unveil its first national TV advertising campaign, will have a third broadcast partner joining HDNet and Versus, will put more emphasis on merchandise; and will seek to expand its fans base via such initiatives as social media, cheerleaders, mascots, fan clubs and high school clinics.

The majority of UFL games are on Fridays and Saturdays (to avoid conflicts with NFL schedules), although  the championship game is schedued during the weekend of Thanksgiving.

Also in attendance at the meeting was commissioner Michael Huyghue and the league’s five current head coaches: Jay Gruden (Florida Tuskers), Chris Palmer (Hartford Colonials, formerly the New York Sentinels), Jim Fassel (defending champion Las Vegas Locos), Jeff Jagodzinski (Omaha) and Dennis Green (Sacramento Mountain Lions, formerly the California Redwoods).

We have made significant progress since last season and our meetings . . . underline that there has been key growth in the UFL,” commissioner Huyghue said in a statement. “This league has established a platform for longevity, has a very bright future and we will be around for a long time."

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