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Manning, Garnett, Pujols Star In Wheaties Fuel Launch

July 23, 2009: NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, NBA all-star Kevin Garnett, MLB all-star Albert Pujols, gold medal-winning decathlete Bryan Clay and triathlete Hunter Kemper will be part of a new campaign from General Mills to support the launch of Wheaties Fuel, which will join the 85-year-old Wheaties on shelves in January. Wheaties Fuel is being formulated to target the nutritional needs of men, "with the specific goal of fueling athletic performance."

Marketing support begins with a six-part Web series at www.Wheaties.com/evolution that features Manning, Garnett, Pujols and the others and "provides an unprecedented, insider account of the process behind the development of the new evolution of Wheaties," according to the company. Lead agency is Saatchi & Saatchi. Print and POP will follow. The new tag is, "Fuel. Win. Evolve."

The Webisodes use humor to show how the product is evolving. In one spot, Kemper and Clay are eating Wheaties while discussing their respective endeavors. "My sport is three sports, it's exciting," says Kemper. "We have ten events," replies Clay. "[The triathlon] is continuous, it's intense," says Kemper. "You do ten events in two days." "I'm pretty sure ten is more than three," offers Clay. "Well, yeah, if you are doing math," says Kemper.

The aforementioned athletes, along with a panel of consumers selected by General Mills, have been consulting with Wheaties food scientists and sports nutritionist Dr. John Ivy to create the final formula, which is scheduled to be unveiled on 09/09/09. In order to avoid a marketing catastrophe similar to when Coca-Cola replaced its iconic brand with a new formula, then had to bring back Classic Coke when consumers revolted, General Mills is stressing that "the new product will be different from Original Wheaties, but will not replace it. Together, the two products will make up the evolved and expanded Breakfast of Champions product portfolio." Back to Home Page